Injection moulding hard polymer holster with Safety level II, designed for tactical or professional use in uniform. The holster is made of special polymer with increased thickness, thanks to the injection-moulding process. The safety system features an upper swivel strap that allows the operator to keep the weapon safe in any situation, while also being ready for use with the fast opening swivel system that requires only pressure from the thumb and frontward rotation. The holster also includes a ‘Safety Guard’ that prevents the safety catch from getting tangled in clothing or equipment and protects it from potential aggressors. Additionally, the holster is equipped with a retention screw that allows for adjustment of the retention of the weapon in the holster, even with the safety catch not engaged. The holster is compatible with thigh kits.

Additional information

Security Level

Safety Grade 2

General Features

Adjust angle and removable loop, Barrel-sight guide, Left and right hand, Left and right hand (not all models), Retention screw





Holster materials

Polymer holsters

Safety System

Vega Push And Front


OWB holster


Walther P99, Walther P99Q, Walther PPQ

Walther P99Q, Walther PPQ

Consult the code search page to identify the specific product code compatible with your weapon.

Polymer Holster Codes for Weapons

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