Technologies and innovative features employed in the production of our technical gloves designed for law enforcement and security personnel.
Fodera antitaglio

Anti Cut Lining

This special ring, besides, has the function of coupling for transport through a shackle on a belt or backpack, it is also useful, thanks to its wide anti-slide surface, to facilitate the placement of a glove when one of the two is already worn.

Sistema TOF

TOF System (Turn on the Fingers)

It is a special construction of the glove that turns around the final part of the fingers and ends with the junction on the dorsal part of the same; such a system favors sensitivity and attenuates the annoyance that standard construction can give in this point.

Modellatura OSH

OSH (Molding on the Shape Hand)

When the hand is in its natural position it does not have a straight shape but is slightly bent towards the closing, such a molding does not force the position of the hand because it accommodates the natural position, moreover, it facilitates the grip of arms, instruments, objects, etc.

Polso in neoprene con laccio in gomma VH

Neoprene Wrist with VH Rubber Lace

The construction of the inferior part of the glove in this material gives greater protection to the external part of the wrist (that is mainly subject to hits), which gives greater adhesion and stability thanks to its elastic characteristic and to the use of the adjustment by Velcro through the lace in printed and injected rubber, compatible with a wrist-compass or wrist-thermometer or other similar accessories that have a 3/4” watchband passage.

Protezione nocche

Knuckles Protection

During a Police and/or Military operation, the part of the hand that is mainly submitted to contact with walls, ground, blunt objects would be the knuckles of the fingers and of the hand, in this point VH has inserted Polymer or leather or padded leather protection along the destination of use varying on the model of glove.

Anello per aggancio

Ring for Coupling to Port System

Questo speciale anello oltre ad avere la funzione di aggancio per il trasporto tramite un moschettone sul cinturone o sullo zaino, è utile, grazie alla sua ampia superficie antiscivolo, per facilitare l’inserimento del guanto quando uno dei due è già indossato.