Fairs & Exhibitions

Vega Holster: Global Excellence on Display

Vega Holster, always at the forefront and true to its slogan “Always Ahead,” actively participates in numerous international fairs, demonstrating its global presence and commitment to the security and law enforcement equipment sector.


One of the main international fairs dedicated to the internal security of States. It takes place in Paris and attracts professionals from all over the world interested in discovering the latest innovations in the field of security and defense. More information..

Shot Show

One of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions in the field of firearms, hunting equipment, and outdoor activities. It is an important showcase where Vega Holster presents its innovative products to the American market. More information.

Enforce Tac

A specialized fair in equipment for special forces, police forces, and security services. Held in Nuremberg, Germany, it offers Vega Holster the opportunity to show its products to a highly specialized European and international audience. More information..

IWA Outdoor Classic

This fair, also located in Nuremberg, focuses on hunting, sport, and outdoor activities, providing Vega Holster with a platform to reach a wide international audience interested in these sectors. More information..


One of the leading exhibitions dedicated to defense and security in the world, taking place in Paris. Here, Vega Holster presents its innovative solutions to a wide range of military and security professionals. More information..


This fair, held in Abu Dhabi, is one of the most important for the defense and security market in the Middle East. For Vega Holster, it represents a strategic opportunity to expand its presence in this rapidly growing region. More information. More information..

By participating in these events, Vega Holster demonstrates its commitment to staying always a step ahead in the industry, offering high-quality products and solutions that meet the needs of law enforcement and security forces around the world.