Terms of sale

  • All Vega Holster products are sold “as is” and “without defects”. 
  • Returns are not accepted unless directly authorized by the company. 
  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed in advance. 
  • Goods are shipped at the risk of the buyer. 
  • Claims are not accepted after 8 days from receipt of the goods. 
  • Returns are allowed only after agreement with the company. 
  • Any returns authorized by Vega Holster will be deducted by 15% of the sales value for restocking and warehouse expenses. 
  • Any disputes will not entitle the claimant to any compensation. 
  • Payment must be made in accordance with the agreement at the time of order. 
  • Vega Holster reserves the right to make changes to the products in this catalog for improvements or for any commercial or construction need, without notice to customers. 
  • The official Vega Holster website offers a guide as complete as possible to Vega Holster products. 
  • There is no guarantee on the match of colors displayed on the screen, sizes, dimensions, etc. 
  • For any information, please contact the Vega Holster sales office.

Guide to filling orders

When placing an order, it is important and necessary to specify:

  • The article code and a brief description. For holsters, in order to find the correct code for your weapon, consult the product sheets or tables available from the dealer or on the website www.vegaholster.com
  • The desired color
  • Where necessary, specify if for right or left-handed use. 
  • In the case of holsters, specify the brand, model, and caliber of the weapon, as well as the barrel length (to be measured as shown below).
  • In the case of belts or duty belts, indicate the required size to be measured according to the following tables.

  • In the case of gloves, indicate the required size to be measured as per the following illustration.
Glove Size Chart