It is the vega holster system of classification in “safety grades” of the holsters used by police and in special operations, it is based on the security system’s real efficiency used in each model, considering two important elements:

  1. mental factor: the reaction time in dangerous situation to release the firearm from the holster.
  2. mechanical factor: time necessary to bring the release operation to the end. Both can be improved through practise, good rule to use while handling a firearm, both depend on the quantity and type of the security systems put between the holster and the firearm. Higher is the safety grade, longer is the release time. It is very important to choose a holster with a Safety Grade level suitable with one’s real needs.

Example: when an operator is on duty during special operations, it is very important to carry the firearm with the highest safety system, in spite of the release time. On the contrary when an operator faces imminent dangers a medium Safety Grade is recommended, because it is very important to release the firearm in a fast way.


The security system is always a thumb Snap lace. It could be subject to fortuitous release.


The security system doesn’t allow fortuitos release and it is unlocked by an only action.


The security system/systems protects the operator from ill-intentioned person, who wants to tear his firearm and gives an excellent protection against fortuitos release. In this case there always are two safety systems acting on two different firearm’s part and they can be unhooked and removed by different fingers of the hand (in case the release buttons are separated); or by one only finger, but with two separated and different movements (in case the release buttons are on the same side and near); or by one only finger with one only movement (in case the same lever button acts on both systems).


More security systems. Don’t allow fortuitos release, allow a complete protection from ill-intentioned person who wants to tear the operator’s firearm. The release is made with different actions in different time.

Often a high Safety Grade (3° or 4°) can have more unlocked safety systems, so the same holster can change from Grade 4 to Grade 3 or from Grade 3 to Grade 2.

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