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Henry Ford claimed that the mental state that makes everything possible can be reached only by thinking “always ahead”, focusing on doing more without ever thinking of having reached all accomplishments (in “expert mode”).
“Always Ahead” is the challenge that stimulates us on a daily basis, the approach that inspires our daily work of research and development of our products for offering our clients continuously satisfying services and experiences of use.


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The Italian company Vega Holster is a leader in the production of holsters and accessories for law enforcement. To date, Vega Hoslter can boast a large number of motivated and trained employees and collaborators, over 6000 square meters of space organized in offices, laboratories with cutting-edge machinery and tools and a large warehouse for the storage of over 1,000 types of items. Thanks to this organization, annual production has reached important volumes and shipments are extended to all continents.


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NATO e certificazione ISO 9001 - 14001
VEGA HOLSTER. Operation/Project financed under the Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020


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56012 Calcinaia
(Pisa) Italy
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