Polymer injection molded holster with internal adjustment to accommodate different types of weapons equipped with different types of torches/lasers.
The holster is mounted with a lock system which automatically activates when the weapon is placed in the holster.
The weapon disengages by placing the thumb on the lever situated at the rear end.
The holster has removable frontal protection for greater front protection.
The lower side incorporates a retention screw for slightly adjusting friction from the holster onto the gun.
The holster is mounted on a standard polymer injection molded loop kit for Police/Law Enforcement use.
It can be mounted on all Vega Holster loops and kits.
Available for all the most common Large Auto and Large Auto Compact mounted with the most common flashlights/lasers on the market (verify weapon and flashlights compatibility with the holster before purchasing).

General features

Adjust angle and removable loop, Barrel-sight guide, Compatible weapons with Red Dot, Retention Screw






L/Auto, L/Auto Comp. with laser or torch

Safety grades

Safety Grade 2

Materiali fondine

Polymer holsters

Intended use

Professional belt holsters